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Helping to comply with Coronavirus test and trace requirements for less than £2 per day.

With the easing of Coronavirus restrictions for pubs and other venues on the 4th July, you are required to ask for your patrons name, contact details and record when they leave. We have developed a low-cost system that allows you to do just that, working alongside other systems and comply with GDPR regulations.

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GDPR Compliant

No pen and paper needed

Free up staff time

Up and running in minutes

No app to download

Customers log when they leave

Who uses

Pubs and cafes

Gyms and sports clubs

Museums and Galleries

Tourist attractions


How it works

QR code scan

Customer scans a QR Code

You get your own QR code so customers can scan and fill out the form at their tables themselves. If they don't have a QR code don't worry, they can go to your unique web app website address.

App deetails

Customer completes their information

The customer completes their information that is saved in our secure database. We even create you a privacy policy to comply with GDPR.

That's it

Your job is complete, you can ask customers to show you their success screen to check their details if you like. If you need to supply data to the Government we make that easy too.

Worried about data?

As you only need to store data for twenty-one days, data older than that will be automatically deleted. We have partnered with Berwins Solicitors, digital specialists to make things as safe as possible. Read more about what you need to do in our FAQs section.


We are all dealing with the unknown and we want to keep payments to a minimum. You will be billed monthly with no commitment, so if things change you can easily cancel.

Whats Included:

- Custom URL (

- Quick Access QR code for customers

- Safe data storage and retrieval

- Your own privacy policy

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