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Why have we done this?

I sit down to write this on the 4th of July, the day that pubs and other venues have been told they can welcome customers back into their premises; a day which is of great importance to business owners across the country.

They have lots to think about; How do they keep staff safe? Do they need to reconfigure their premises to adhere to social distancing regulations? How are they going to record customer details and note when they arrive and when they leave? we created this platform to deal with the last point, but we’re software developers who saw an issue we could fix. Businesses have been hit very hard; paying staff to collect data from their customers not only makes socially distancing difficult, but it’s another labor-intensive process that is ultimately a cost they have to cover. After laying dormant for months, cash will be in short supply and we haven’t even mentioned the time, and ultimately cost, needed to retrieve the data if the Government asks for it.

What we didn’t fully consider, and neither will many venues, is the GDPR ramifications.

Now, we probably all know that you can only collect data for a specific purpose, keep it secure and store it only for as long as necessary. Some may know that if they’re collecting personal data then they have to register as a Data Controller with the ICO, you would need to do this and designate a Data Manager regardless of whether you use an online app or not.

So once you’ve done this you’re good to go with online collection right? Not exactly. This is where most platforms will fall down. At the point at which the customer gives you their details they should be able to read a privacy policy. This should tell them who the registered Data Controller and/or manager is, and who they can contact if they have any questions.

Big problem.

To solve this we worked with some great local solicitors to develop a solution. Our platform deals with this and our platform generates a compliant privacy policy that covers the app use within the venue. This is downloadable by the customer and they get all the information they need.

So what?

Well, the fines for breaking GDPR rules can be huge and you want to give customers peace of mind that their data is secure. The best piece of advice I can give you is to take the time to consider this fully (Further info) and make sure that you don’t have any unexpected issues.

Thanks for reading, stay safe